Hotel breakfast

Twoo simple things excite me about staying in hotels. 1) mini kettle and tea in the bedroom. 2) the breakfasts. I wake up so excited looking forward to going down to see what I can have for breakfast. There’s a feeling of freedom to have whatever you want. To have a treat and indulge as you’re on holiday. It’s the best. 

Super quick veggie stir fry

Quick and easy stir fry. Thinly chopped onions and carrots and fried in really hot pan. When they were looking soft I added roughly chopped kale, garlic and chili. Added a tsp of black bean sauce, soya sauce and sesame seed oil. Then added boiled noodles and soft tofu. 

It was really quick. Super tasty and great with a cold beer.

Smokey grilled vegetables πŸ”₯

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It’s time to sizzle πŸ”₯ grilled vegetables for lunch. 

Sliced aubergine with olive oil and salt on a very hot griddled pan. A few minutes each side. I did the same with courgette. 

I charred the red peppers on the open gas flame. When they were black all over I put them in a sealed plastic bag and let them sweat. They’re super easy to them peel off the burnt skin. 

I chopped up all the veg with tomatoes, olive oil, salt, black pepper and had it with some Manchego cheese. Delicious lunch. 

Happy Birthday mum – apple cake 🍏 πŸŽ‚

Happyy Birthday mum/granny πŸŽ‰

We’ve got an apple tree in our garden and this cake recipe is an excellent way to use some of them. 

It’s a delicious moist cake with nuggets of sweet apple in it. It has a hint of almond extract and almonds sprinkled over the top. 

It’s a Mary Berry recipe:

It made a lovely birthday cake and with some Argentinian bubbles from my mum’s recent holiday. Fabulous! 

Frittata time 🍳

It’ss frittata time 🍳! When I want something quick and I’ve got an odd selection in the fridge and cupboard, I love to make a frittata. This time it was broccoli, peppers, onions, tomatoes and black beans. Whisked up eggs in a hot pan and throw in the veg. So quick and easy. Sometimes when it’s on the plate I’ll add parmesan, feta or cottage cheese. 

Popcorn time 🍿

Simple easy snack time – homemade popcorn 🍿

5 mins in a medium hot sauce pan and don’t forget the lid!

Plus there’s so many toppings options, or just naked. 

Vote for better food for our children

Welsh MP Chris Bryant has won the House of Commons Ballot to bring forward his own bill and the chance toΒ make a brand new LAW.

He is asking the public toΒ help him decide which law they would like to see from a shortlist of six.

One of the six options is aΒ Food (Advertising and Labelling) Bill – restricting advertising of high fat, high sugar foods till after 9pm on TV and requiring the government to introduce regulations to require the use of prescribed colour-coded labels on packaged foods.

I’ve just voted. Please help and vote now:



It’s been a long hot day and I spotted these giant figs in the market on the way home. Deliciously sweet with that strange and satisfyingly grittiness figs have. Washed down with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. Simple and fantastic. 

Tapas Revolution in Bath

Really tasty food at the newly opened Tapas Revolution (@tapasrevolution) in Bath. 

We shared some great dishes – garlic bread with Serrano ham, Iberico ham, crispy fried aubergine in honey and thyme sauce, octopus with potatoes and paprika, and all washed down with a craft larger. Finished off with cafe contardo. 

Fantastic food and friendly staff. The restaurant did feel a bit chainy and clichΓ©d but the food more than made up for that.  πŸ˜€πŸ΄πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ