Afternoon tea – amazing

We took my mum for her birthday for afternoon tea at The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath. They had a good menu of teas. We got a selection and tried each others.

I went for The Duke Of York which was described as savory with a touch of sweet. Then these amazing towers of food arrived. Beautifully presented and a little overwhelming at first. But once we started to dig in it was great fun.

A range of sandwiches and some tasty hors d’oeuvre such as salmon tartare, lamb kofta, brie truffle ham tart, and mini scotch egg. Then it was time for the sweets: Bath bun of course, scone with clotted cream and jam, Kaffir lime panna cotta, and delicious biscuits. 

It was all amazing experience and I would highly recommend it for a special treat. 

BBQ heaven

Amazingg beef brisket from @grillstock in Bath. Succulent BBQ’d beef with fries, slaw and pickles, and of course smokey hot sauce. I washed it all down with Grillstock Pale Ale.

Brunch! Yes!

Had a fantastic brunch with my wife and daughter. I had poached egg with sweet corn fritters and halloumi in a sweet miso sauce. It was amazing. My wife had simple and delicious mushrooms on sourdough toast. We shared a side of sweet potato dippers. Amazing. Would recommend Boston Tea Party in Bath 🍳🧀🌽🍠🍄

Sage and chips 🌱🥔🍟😀

I’mm still trying to find recipes using sage. I’ve got loads from the my garden. I made some crispy sage roasted chips. Cover chopped potatoes in olive oil, salt and whole sage leaves. Roast in oven at 200°C for about 30 mins. They were delicious 🌱🥔🍟😀


Flash fried scallops with a green salad. Cover the scallops in olive oil and get the pan screaming hot. Put the scallops in and flip over after 1 minute. Put a knob of butter in. Take out after another minute. Salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Dress sine green leaves and chopped tomatoes. Delicate and totally delicious.