Sweet potato noodles? 🍠🌶️🍜

Sweet potato noodles 🍠🍜 Didn’t know there was such a thing. I thought they would be orange in colour but they were clear. Very confusing 😕 Totally delicious. Had them with veggies, peanuts and in a very spicy broth 🥗🥜🌶️🍜😍😋😝

The menu is simple but totally delicious. Very cheap and can definitely recommend. Especially if your bus is delayed, as it’s next to the bus station. 

Great pizza 🍕

Had a fantastic pizza and garlic bread at the @bathpizzaco at Green Park Station in Bath. Delicious pizzas with really light dough, oozing melted cheese and tasty toppings. Plus it’s a great location in the grand covered arches of the old Green Park Station 😀 🍕

Cockles, a revelation

Never had cockles before. My dad always went on about them being part of his childhood. When I was at the fishmonger buying some fish I thought now’s the time to try. 

They were really good. Salty, with the essence of the sea like oysters and then of course a splash of vinegar on top. The other great thing it’s they’re so cheap. They’re also local and sustainable. Perfect in everyway 🐚

Wow, what a view

When the sun is shining there really is no better place for mussels and a cold beer than the Tate cafe in St Ives. The views are stunning. The food is delicious. I could sit there all day watching the sea and the world go by.