Pesto pesto

A friend gave me a big bunch of basil and I knew straight away what I wanted to make, pesto! I love fresh pesto. It’s so different to shop bought and so easy. Clove of garlic and salt in pestle and mortar, then a handful of basil, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. So so delicious. I put dollops on a homemade pizza and it was fantastic.

Pizza time 🍕😀

Experimenting with whole meal pizza dough. Very good. Still light and crispy but with an earthy body. First pizza is red pepper, aubergine, capers, anchovies, chillies, tomato and mozzarella. Second pizza is sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, blue cheese, green olives, artichoke and chillies. Both of them delicious. Bring on the pizza 😀🍕

Homemade falafels 🥙

Homemadee falafels, homemade baba ganoush, homemade hummus, cottage cheese and leafy green salad with chillies. So so delicious 🥙🥗😀

Falafel recipe –

Hummus recipe –

Baba ganoush recipe –

Spoonful of fun 🥄😀

Spoonful of fun. We had a dinner party and every guest had to bring a spoonful of food for every other guest. It cos be sweet or savory. My friends out did themselves and made some amazing spoons of food. 1) Gnocchi, cheese and pesto; 2) hummus, baba ganoush, falafel and halloumi; 3) mini veggie burger in brioche bun with chip sticks; 4) lemon shortbread, stewed apple and vanilla ice cream; 5) chocolate brownie, raspberry, raspberry coulis and cream; 6) Salzburg Nockerl – soufflé with jam and a glass of desert wine. They were all amazing and it was great fun 😀

Three fish ceviche 🐟

Fish ceviche at Dough in Bath. Thinly-sliced raw tuna, swordfish and salmon ‘cooked’ in citrus, vinegar and pink pepper, with celeriac, fennel and an avocado and lime mousse. Fresh and tasty 🐟🍋🥑