Framptons – tanks of beer 🍻

Had a wonderful evening drink in Framptons (@framptonsbath). Great beers and a tasty looking menu. They’ve got two giant tanks above the bar. The barman explained that’s where the beer is stored. It’s brought in a tanker and pumped up there. One of only a few places in the UK. The decor is very cool and there’s a view of the weir and the beautiful Pulteney Bridge. It’s a great place to spend the evening 😀🍻

Noya’s Kitchen supper club 😀🇻🇳

I had an amazing meal and experience @noyaskitchen. The food was delicious and also Noya was great fun. Full of zeal and zest for life. Thank you tasty food and a great night. 

1) minced pork with mint, black fungus and vegetables in pancake and wrapped up in lettuce. With a very spicy and delicious dipping sauce. I got stuck in and got very messy. 

2) one of the best noodle soups I’ve ever had. So so tasty. The broth was delicious and spicy. Super tender beef. 

3) wonderful chicken curry and rice. 

4) cake with coconut mouse with mango sauce. The best bit by far was the Vietnamese coffee ice cream. I’d have just been happy with that. It was to die for! Thank you again Noya 😀🇻🇳

Bath Soft Cheese 🧀😀

An amazing afternoon spent at Bath Soft Cheese Company (@bathsoftcheese). We watched the ‘cheese-man’ doing something. Then of course tried all the cheeses they make. Absolutely delicious. I particularly liked their hard cheese – Wife of Bath. Then we had a sneak peek at their maturing cheeses. Brilliant and super tasty day 😀🧀

Bath Noodle – wow 🍜

Wow! Amazing noodles from Noodle Bath. Recently opened and my first visit. Delicious. Staff were really friendly and welcoming. The owner has only recently arrived from Hong Kong. She told us off authentic food from Hong Kong with ingredients specially sourced. I had spicy noodle soup with tofu. Fantastic flavours. It also had black fungus which I’ve never tried before. A sort of cross between water chestnut and mushroom in flavour. Very good and apparently very healthy. My wife had fried noodles with vegetables and tofu. Again really tasty. I would definitely recommend. 

Three fish ceviche 🐟

Fish ceviche at Dough in Bath. Thinly-sliced raw tuna, swordfish and salmon ‘cooked’ in citrus, vinegar and pink pepper, with celeriac, fennel and an avocado and lime mousse. Fresh and tasty 🐟🍋🥑

Afternoon tea – amazing

We took my mum for her birthday for afternoon tea at The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath. They had a good menu of teas. We got a selection and tried each others.

I went for The Duke Of York which was described as savory with a touch of sweet. Then these amazing towers of food arrived. Beautifully presented and a little overwhelming at first. But once we started to dig in it was great fun.

A range of sandwiches and some tasty hors d’oeuvre such as salmon tartare, lamb kofta, brie truffle ham tart, and mini scotch egg. Then it was time for the sweets: Bath bun of course, scone with clotted cream and jam, Kaffir lime panna cotta, and delicious biscuits. 

It was all amazing experience and I would highly recommend it for a special treat. 

BBQ heaven

Amazingg beef brisket from @grillstock in Bath. Succulent BBQ’d beef with fries, slaw and pickles, and of course smokey hot sauce. I washed it all down with Grillstock Pale Ale.

Brunch! Yes!

Had a fantastic brunch with my wife and daughter. I had poached egg with sweet corn fritters and halloumi in a sweet miso sauce. It was amazing. My wife had simple and delicious mushrooms on sourdough toast. We shared a side of sweet potato dippers. Amazing. Would recommend Boston Tea Party in Bath 🍳🧀🌽🍠🍄

Sweet potato noodles? 🍠🌶️🍜

Sweet potato noodles 🍠🍜 Didn’t know there was such a thing. I thought they would be orange in colour but they were clear. Very confusing 😕 Totally delicious. Had them with veggies, peanuts and in a very spicy broth 🥗🥜🌶️🍜😍😋😝

The menu is simple but totally delicious. Very cheap and can definitely recommend. Especially if your bus is delayed, as it’s next to the bus station.