Try a Persimmon, now!

I had my first Sharon Fruit or Persimmon. I spotted them in an Italian deli and asked what they were. What a revelation. They’re so damn sweet. So so delicious. They the feel of a tomato but the taste is amazing. Get some, get some quick!

❤️ Kimchi 😀🌶️

Absolutely delicious Bath Culture House. I love this kimchi. I’m not a vegan, nor vegetarian, but this to me tastes just as good as the fishy/prawny versions. I use it as a condiment with so many dishes. It’s sour, tangy and spicy. Everything I read about kimchi says how healthy it is. It’s simply great! 😀🌶️

Bath Soft Cheese 🧀😀

An amazing afternoon spent at Bath Soft Cheese Company (@bathsoftcheese). We watched the ‘cheese-man’ doing something. Then of course tried all the cheeses they make. Absolutely delicious. I particularly liked their hard cheese – Wife of Bath. Then we had a sneak peek at their maturing cheeses. Brilliant and super tasty day 😀🧀

Cockles, a revelation

Never had cockles before. My dad always went on about them being part of his childhood. When I was at the fishmonger buying some fish I thought now’s the time to try. 

They were really good. Salty, with the essence of the sea like oysters and then of course a splash of vinegar on top. The other great thing it’s they’re so cheap. They’re also local and sustainable. Perfect in everyway 🐚