Braised beef brisket on a pizza?

I’m not always entirely sure what to do with left overs. But I do feel freer to experiment. Left over braised beef brisket and carrots, simple, throw them on a pizza. It tasted really good. The brisket was great on the pizza and the carrots added a bit of sweetness. 

Bee pollen, not sure

I’m trying my best to eat less sugar. So I’m always on the look out for alternatives. Of course I eat and use a lot of fruit and faithful old honey. 

My friend bought me some bee pollen. It has a slight crunchy exterior and a soft floury interior. It is sweet but with a strange floral, earthy and floury after taste. It’s the kind of thing I nearly liked. Not quite there but very nearly. It was interesting on my bananas but not really a winner. I think I’d rather plain bananas or a drizzle of honey and some nuts. Always good to try new things. ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿฏ๐ŸŒ

Purple Basil

Purple basil, what do I make with this? It arrived in my weekly veg box. It tastes just like green basil but it’s an amazing deep purple colour. 

Vote for better food for our children

Welsh MP Chris Bryant has won the House of Commons Ballot to bring forward his own bill and the chance toย make a brand new LAW.

He is asking the public toย help him decide which law they would like to see from a shortlist of six.

One of the six options is aย Food (Advertising and Labelling) Billย โ€“ย restricting advertising of high fat, high sugar foods till after 9pm on TV and requiring the government to introduce regulations to require the use of prescribed colour-coded labels on packaged foods.

I’ve just voted. Please help and vote now:


Hello my first post

Hi there. This is my first post on Foodie Shed blog. I live in Bath with my wife and two wonderful children.

I love food, I love eating food, I love cooking food and I love telling the world all about the food I’m eating and cooking. What could be better than a blog about what I’m eating and enjoying. There will be lots of photos and a few words from me.

If you love food then please do get in touch.

Love Sam x