Drizzle time

Sometimes I’m so stupid and slow to the party. I love salads from big ones full of delicious ingredients for lunch or a simple side salad of rocket leaves with my evening meal. For years I would make my salad and just free pour olive oil, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper. Mostly it would taste good, but sometimes I’d get the proportions all wrong and the balance between oil and acid would be off. Or I’d simply pour too much and drown the salad. It would be really disappointing. I saw this little sauce bottle in a shop the other day and I thought it was finally time to sort this out. I mixed 3 parts olive oil to 1 part white wine vinegar. A good pinch of salt and pepper. Gave it a vigorous shake and tasted it. It was great. You want your dressing to be slightly on strong side acidic and salty as it’s going to be tempered by the salad leaves. I also added a teaspoon of mustard to the dressing to give it that little kick. From now on when I make a salad I can simply reach over and drizzle the perfect dressing over it 🥗😊

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