Noya’s Kitchen supper club 😀🇻🇳

I had an amazing meal and experience @noyaskitchen. The food was delicious and also Noya was great fun. Full of zeal and zest for life. Thank you tasty food and a great night. 

1) minced pork with mint, black fungus and vegetables in pancake and wrapped up in lettuce. With a very spicy and delicious dipping sauce. I got stuck in and got very messy. 

2) one of the best noodle soups I’ve ever had. So so tasty. The broth was delicious and spicy. Super tender beef. 

3) wonderful chicken curry and rice. 

4) cake with coconut mouse with mango sauce. The best bit by far was the Vietnamese coffee ice cream. I’d have just been happy with that. It was to die for! Thank you again Noya 😀🇻🇳

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