Braised beef brisket on a pizza?

I’m not always entirely sure what to do with left overs. But I do feel freer to experiment. Left over braised beef brisket and carrots, simple, throw them on a pizza. It tasted really good. The brisket was great on the pizza and the carrots added a bit of sweetness. 

Fab beef brisket and great value πŸ˜€πŸ„

Beef brisket, amazing! 

I was looking for a slightly cheaper ‘cook-it-low-and-slow’ joint of meat for a family party. I came across a recipe by Nigel Slater for braised beef brisket. 

First you roast the brisket for 25 mins, and then stew it for 4 hours in a broth with porcini mushrooms, carrots, shallots, black pepper corns, thyme and bay leaves. 

Remove the beef and reduce the broth. Slice the brisket and cover in the reduced broth. 

It was absolutely delicious. So succulent and melt in the mouth. The broth had a great earthy meaty umami taste. 

I had it with some roast potatoes, steamed green vegetables and the carrots and shallots cooked with the brisket. 

I’m definitely going to do this again. πŸ˜€πŸ„

BBQ heaven

Amazingg beef brisket from @grillstock in Bath. Succulent BBQ’d beef with fries, slaw and pickles, and of course smokey hot sauce. I washed it all down with Grillstock Pale Ale.

A smashing burger? πŸ”

II had my first Smashburger in Bath. Apparently it’s a smash burger because the minced beef is ‘smashed’ into a patty shape. I’m not really sure why that’s a ‘thing’.

I went for the Spicy JalapeΓ±os Baja beef burger. It’s basically a cheese burger with some guacamole and slightly spicy sauce. Not spicy enough for my liking. 

The burger was ok. It wasn’t amazing or great but good enough. The sweet potato fries were good. Plus it was nice to have a beer with my burger. The food was cooked very fast which was great and the restaurant was decked out in a fun and easy going way.