Simple fishy 🎏

So simple, so quick, so easy. Sprats – dust in flour and shallow fry in vegetable a few minutes each side. I eat them whole and they’re delicious. You can cut their heads off and gut them if you prefer but it is fiddly 😍🐟

Mackerel and smokey veg

Friedd mackerel and smokey paprika veggies with cous cous and cracked bulgar wheat. 

Dried, oil and a sprinkle of salt and fried mackerel fillets a couple of minutes each side. 

Chopped and sauted onion, aubergine, tomatoes, garlic and smoked paprika. 

Boiled cous cous and bulgar wheat for 10 minutes and added green beans for the last 3 minutes. 

Mixed veggies and cod cous bulgar wheat. Salt and pepper and lemon on mackerel and then eat!

Mackerel – my favourite 😀🐟

I think mackerel is my favourite fish. And so cheap. Four fillets for £3:30. Dried the fillets with kitchen towel and then a drop of oil on the skin and a sprinkle of salt. Smoking hot pan and start skin side down. Only a few minutes each side. Deliciously fresh and succulent 🐟😀

Paprika salmon 🐟

Andd guess what I had for dinner? Yes that’s right, smoked paprika salmon. Exactly the same process as with the squid I had for lunch (see earlier post). Dust salmon in smoked paprika and flour. Shallow fry in oil about a minute each side. I had it with red pepper tomato sauce and roasted sweet potatoes. All totally delicious. Although everything on the plate was a bit orangey-red! 🐟🍅🍠

Three fish ceviche 🐟

Fish ceviche at Dough in Bath. Thinly-sliced raw tuna, swordfish and salmon ‘cooked’ in citrus, vinegar and pink pepper, with celeriac, fennel and an avocado and lime mousse. Fresh and tasty 🐟🍋🥑

Mackerel and green wine 🐟 🥂

Freshh mackerel fillets from the quayside in St Ives. Only £1 a fillet, super fresh, and super tasty. I patted it dry with kitchen paper and lightly oiled and salted the skin side. Fried for a few minutes each side, skin side first. A drizzle of lemon – simple and amazing.

Had it with quick fried kale and a salad. 

The revelation was the wine. I had never heard or tried vinho verde. It’s a Portuguese wine and means ‘green wine’ which translates as young wine. It was really fresh and light, and perfect with the fish. It should be chilled and poured from a height into the glass so it can aerate and small air bubbles can be caught in it. Another great drink introduction from @scallopal 🥂