Braised beef brisket on a pizza?

I’m not always entirely sure what to do with left overs. But I do feel freer to experiment. Left over braised beef brisket and carrots, simple, throw them on a pizza. It tasted really good. The brisket was great on the pizza and the carrots added a bit of sweetness. 

Try a Persimmon, now!

I had my first Sharon Fruit or Persimmon. I spotted them in an Italian deli and asked what they were. What a revelation. They’re so damn sweet. So so delicious. They the feel of a tomato but the taste is amazing. Get some, get some quick!

Fab beef brisket and great value 😀🐄

Beef brisket, amazing! 

I was looking for a slightly cheaper ‘cook-it-low-and-slow’ joint of meat for a family party. I came across a recipe by Nigel Slater for braised beef brisket. 

First you roast the brisket for 25 mins, and then stew it for 4 hours in a broth with porcini mushrooms, carrots, shallots, black pepper corns, thyme and bay leaves. 

Remove the beef and reduce the broth. Slice the brisket and cover in the reduced broth. 

It was absolutely delicious. So succulent and melt in the mouth. The broth had a great earthy meaty umami taste. 

I had it with some roast potatoes, steamed green vegetables and the carrots and shallots cooked with the brisket. 

I’m definitely going to do this again. 😀🐄

Framptons – tanks of beer 🍻

Had a wonderful evening drink in Framptons (@framptonsbath). Great beers and a tasty looking menu. They’ve got two giant tanks above the bar. The barman explained that’s where the beer is stored. It’s brought in a tanker and pumped up there. One of only a few places in the UK. The decor is very cool and there’s a view of the weir and the beautiful Pulteney Bridge. It’s a great place to spend the evening 😀🍻

Warming tea in the country

It’s a bit chilly out today. Had some very warming and tasty green tea with lavender @castlefarmcafe. What a lovely cafe in the countryside with lovely valley views. Plus they have a great new little farm shop.

Hot cross buns in November, yes please!

My friend made some totally delicious hot cross buns. She accidentally ordered far too much fresh yeast. So all week has frantically been baking anything and everything. They were delicious and so much fresher, lighter and with a subtle and tasty christmasy kind of spice. Wow!

Noya’s Kitchen supper club 😀🇻🇳

I had an amazing meal and experience @noyaskitchen. The food was delicious and also Noya was great fun. Full of zeal and zest for life. Thank you tasty food and a great night. 

1) minced pork with mint, black fungus and vegetables in pancake and wrapped up in lettuce. With a very spicy and delicious dipping sauce. I got stuck in and got very messy. 

2) one of the best noodle soups I’ve ever had. So so tasty. The broth was delicious and spicy. Super tender beef. 

3) wonderful chicken curry and rice. 

4) cake with coconut mouse with mango sauce. The best bit by far was the Vietnamese coffee ice cream. I’d have just been happy with that. It was to die for! Thank you again Noya 😀🇻🇳

Simple fishy 🎏

So simple, so quick, so easy. Sprats – dust in flour and shallow fry in vegetable a few minutes each side. I eat them whole and they’re delicious. You can cut their heads off and gut them if you prefer but it is fiddly 😍🐟